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Social media is must in today's scenario for reputation, driving traffic to the website, repeat exposure and get feedback to improve business ways. Hence, every business has included it in their online marketing strategy. Development of useful, attractive, exciting content and its dissemination on social media builds brand recognition and reputation. Visitors need more and more comparative information, and once they find the information useful, they become followers. Now, they are ready to receive repeated exposure. The companies can reach customers in real time, furthermore can understand their exact service or product needs and demands. Also, it helps to build company's reputation. In a hosting world, the company with excellent support, i.e., responds and resolves customers issues or queries quickly gets the superb brand reputation.
Good brand reputation means easy to gain new customers and retain old ones. A satisfied customer is a valuable marketing asset in an online world. They share your posts, links, blogs, videos, podcasts, tweets, and re-tweets. A company gains positive reviews, feedbacks, and comments, and often suggestions to improve plans or services. Interactive with customers on issues, about their cause, action taken brings positive impact and overall increase company's profits.

Good brand reputation means easy to gain new customers and retain old ones. A satisfied customer is a valuable marketing asset in an online world. They share your posts, links, blogs, videos, podcasts, tweets, and re-tweets. A company gains positive reviews, feedbacks, and comments, and often suggestions to improve plans or services. Interactive with customers on issues, about their cause, action taken brings positive impact and overall increase company's profits.
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Sunday, 11 February 2018

More about branded reseller hosting

All we need is to buy a suitable reseller hosting plan and thereafter float our own website that will cater to end customers.
Though a reseller hosting account cuts down our overhead expenses, we may still need to advertise heavily to sell our hosting plans. For a start, we need to focus on getting customers in the city we live or from our immediate locality.
A reseller hosting account accrues significant benefits over both short and long term. Here is some of them.

other than hiring charge, there are no additional expense on account of hosting. Since fixed costs by very nature is predictable, reseller hosting is a help for long term cost layout, specially for small hosting companies.
Create our branded hosting company. While our hosting provider remains content allotting we space in their server, we are free to build up branded reseller hosting business. In many cases of reseller hosting, the server owner may agree to naming nameserver after our company name and even allot separate IP address for our nameservers.
In reseller hosting, we will have no responsibility to manage and maintain the servers or any component of data center where the servers are located. No technical pullback means more time to devote to business.
We can host as many websites as we want with reseller hosting, limited only by disk-space and bandwidth. In a similar vein, our reseller hosting offers may vary from being simple no-frill hosting to one with all paraphernalia, thus allowing us to play with margins.
Start small, grow big. Reseller hosting accounts are mostly scalable, so we enlarge our hosting account in tandem with our requirement.
This is a perfect recipe to grow our business. If we chalk it out fine, who knows us may as well have our own servers one day.
In most cases, reseller hosting is made simple through GUI Control Panels. Some examples are Plesk (Windows / Unix), WHM cPanel (Unix), Hosting Controller (Windows), DirectAdmin (Unix) and so on. A reseller hosting provider can easily monitor all websites located under him, such as increasing or decreasing disk-space and bandwidth, allotting or withdrawing software applications, and even permitting or denying respective control panels.

Value of reseller hosting

When we partner with ValueReseller, we'll find state of the art hosting tools, outstanding personal service, affordable pricing and innovative technology.
As an IT or web services provider, we need to give our clients the very best solutions available in order to succeed.
CPanel host with overloaded FreeBSD servers. Give our clients dual-platform, enterprise class services with our unique clustered hosting system, featuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows 2003, ASP, Microsoft.NET 2.0, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, and even MS-SQL at no additional charge! Here are some additional key reasons why we are our best choice.
Achieve Higher Profit Margins- With our unique unlimited domain hosting plans for one flate rate, we can enjoy profit margins of 70-80% or more on our hosting services.
Many developers and hosting resellers have slashed their hosting costs to a fraction of what they were paying other providers by moving to us. And they get more features and better service to boot.
Double our Potential Market By Offering Both Linux and Windows- Although Linux has a large share of the hosting market, Windows has also made great strides in the last some years.
Most small businesses know the name Microsoft over Linux and they want Windows applications. If we don't offer those services we are leaving money on the table.
Put our Account Setup and Billing On Auto Pilot. With our Advanced Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHostingplans we can allow our customers to signup at our website and the entire account creation and billing process is automated.
customers create their own hosting accounts through our website and have the money deposited in our bank account with no manual work required by us or our staff.

Features of reseller hosting

Reseller hosting provides a simple option for those who don't wish to incur the monthly cost of a dedicated server and want to start smaller.

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where an existing company sells us a portion of space and an amount of bandwidth on a server in exchange for a monthly fee.
The monthly fee is usually greater than that of standard hosting, but compensates for the increased amount of space, bandwidth, and the additional software licenses that sometimes have to be purchased for use on a reseller hosting account.

The alloted resources are then available to be distributed to other sites or customers for standard web hosting. Each individual website hosted off the reseller packaging usually receives their own control panel for their use.

Customers perceive absolutely no difference between a company using a reseller web hosting account and a host which leases their own server.
The advantages of reseller hosting are numerous. While the bandwidth and space may be more expensive per unit than that purchased with a dedicated server, reseller accounts allow the space and bandwidth to be purchased in smaller '.

A start up host may now yield a small profit instead of a large loss month after month.
Many know the old sang ''stuff happens''. A hard drive might go bad on a server, an operating system might be corrupt, a cable might break the list goes on and on.
There are just simply things that could go wrong. With reseller hosting, the lot of the time someone else is responsible for the problem.
Reseller hosting offers fewer resources than a dedicated server, and thus may enhanced resource constraints faster than with a dedicated server.

About reseller business in The Uk and The USA

Reseller hosting in the UK is not as big a market as it is in the US for obvious reasons. This does not mean , however, that there are not any good deals.
Certainly, the prices of reseller packages is higher in the UK, that reflects the higher cost of hosting in the UK than the US in general it is not such a big market, with such fierce competition.

If we are based in the UK, we might still want to get us reseller hosting in the US to take advantage of the lower prices due to the favourable exchange rate.

Nevertheless, for some people, and in some circumstances reselling does matter. We may want to be able to access hosting support during working hours, and some of our customers may feel uneasy about their site not being hosted in the UK in particular, they may be uneasy about contacting technical support technicians outside the UK.

Although we are the middleman when it comes to selling to the customer, many reseller hosting providers handle all technical support for us directly.

Point to consider is whether we would get more UK customers if our prices are in scents rather than dollars. Some US hosts may be able to handle billing in different currencies, others may not.
Many of the bigger web hosts in the UK offer reseller packages, although the prices tend to be in the some scentspm price range; also something to look out for is that some seem to charge extra for things that most US hosting companies wouldn’t be able to get away with charging for.
The reseller package includes their own eXtend control panel. The panel is fully brandable - as standard they provide 12 professionally designed templates that we can apply to the control panels of all our customers.
If we don’t like any of the templates provided, us can create our own look and feel and upload it via our Reseller Control Centre.

About affordable hosting

There are two types of affordable reseller hosting packages affordable as in free, and affordable as in low cost. The free ones are covered elsewhere, but there are also plenty of low cost reseller packages available.

Some of these low cost packages have a limited number of domains that we can host, and correspondingly smaller amount of web space.
If we are on a budget, these deals are not to be sniffed at after all, we are not going to start off with hundreds of websites to host.

We can start off gradually and either upgrade our reseller package when we need to,or invest in another reseller package with a different host we don’t have to have all our eggs in one basket.
If we are just starting out and are worried about a regular monthly commitment to hosting fees, we can choose Special reseller hosting plan.

Monthly plans feature packed plan is just some dollars a year for some space of disk space, some space of bandwidth and we can host unlimited domains.
Plans comes with cPanel and WebHost Manager its not the biggest disk space allocation, but its plenty if we’re wanting to host, say, a number of sites for small businesses that are not going to have busy forums etc.

Alternatively, we could opt for a smaller plans already mentioned, such as the Reseller Zoom Budget Reseller Plan. This is a great starter plan with value for web developers to host multiple low traffic websites under the same account for one low price.

On the Budget 1 plan, we get 2Gb webspace/30Gb Bandwidth and the ability to host up to 50 websites for a low $4.95 month. Even at this rate, we get cPanel/WHM , so we can give our customers a great hosting package.
If we're looking for a low monthly cost package hosted on servers located in the all over world, we can get a good deal from different host .

About easy way of reselling

Does reseller hosting offer us a better solution? Well, it depends on people. If we are a person who wants freedom of this and that, we might not be able to survive under reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is good in the sense that it's more organized as everything is setup for us by our hosting provider.
We are given the WHM (Web Host Manager) and with WHM we can customize the hosting plans (webspace, bandwidth and etc.) for our resold accounts.
A resold account is just like any other shared hosting account, with a cPanel as its control panel under Linux platform.
We can sell our resold accounts at our own price and some hosting providers offer the private label reseller plan.
In other words, our resold clients will only know us as their hosting provider and won't figure out us are reselling unless we tell them when they ask us. With reseller hosting, we are bound to what the hosting provider offers us, especially the softwares and applications.
Reseller hosting might not suit yus if we want freedom. However, it's useful if clients do not mind what the hosting providers offer them particularly in terms of applications.
Imagine we don't have to get ourself in with all the fuss of installing and configuring this and that. All we do is via the control panel provided to us, then we can start reselling already.
Reseller hosting is never a bad option and would still be a competitive option towards VPS. It is indeed reliable and useful when we think of the user friendliness it provides to those who are not so familiar with hosting related stuff.

More about linux resell hosting

When we decide to have a hosting account, the first question is to decide which webhosting type we need to go with?

Technology has introduced various platforms for webhosting. They can be catagorised as follows :

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Semi-dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

It is crucial to understand the differences among the types of hosting offered. As the Web hosting industry has matured, hosting offers have split into a few distinct categories, each with strengths and weaknesses.

Shared hosting means that we are sharing a server with other clients of that company. The host manages the server almost completely.

Hosting can afford to charge us little since many clients are paying for use of the server.However, companies other than ours use the resources of that server.

Heavy traffic to one of the other sites on the server can hammer the performance of our site. Also, we typically are unable to install special software programs on these types of machines because the host will need to keep a stable environment for all of the clients using the server.
Offering gigs of disk space with tons of gigs of bandwidth that too at a very cheap rate, is possible only with Shared hosting as resources are shared on a single server amongst hundreds and thousands of users.
Reseller hosting enables us to resell the shared hosting to our end user clients. Here, the original hosting provider stays anonymous and to our end user clients we appear to be the primary hosting provider.
Later as our client number increases, the option to switch to VPS or Dedicated server hosting is preferred.
Semi dedicated hosting is similar to shared hosting, but here the number of users on a particular server is very less and limited as compared to the overfilled shared hosting servers.
VPS hosting also known as Virtual Private Server, is an intermediate hosting between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting servers are the small servers that are hosted on a main VPS server.